Payment Method

Debit or Credit Card

The simplest and quickest payment method is debit or credit card.  Our payment gateway is run by Paypal Pro. We want your information and identity to be safe when you purchase items from our site. When you use Paypal Pro we never see your credit card information and we don't have access to or store any of your financial data. Your information and identity are completely protected.

When you enter your address details on our site this is via secure servers certified by SSL encryption for your added security. The Paypal Pro payment system uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data. But if you are not able or do not want to use a debit or credit card via Paypal, then you can use one of the following methods.



In response to popular demand we added PayPal as a payment option.  Just select the PayPal option and you will be re-routed to the PayPal site to complete the purchase. Once again, if you choose PayPal as your payment method we do not see or have access to your financial information.


Customer Detail Discrepancies

Please note that if there are discrepancies in the details given during the payment process or a security warning from Paypal, we reserve the right to decline the order or offer an alternative payment method.  It is specially important that you give us a valid email address when you place the order.  The email address is used to confirm your order and to check with you if there is a problem with any part of your order.  Failure to supply a valid email address may result in your order being cancelled.

We do take very seriously both our customer's security and of course our own.  Each and every order is checked carefully and any attempted fraudulent transactions are reported to the appropriate authorities.