Women's Wholesale Nightwear - Pyjama Sets, Robes & Dressing Gowns

As one of the leading suppliers of women's wholesale nightwear in the UK, we're proud to offer an excellent selection pyjamas, shirt & trouser / shirt & shorts pyjama sets, night robes, dressing gowns and a whole lot more. Our entire range of women's wholesale pyjamas and nightwear are stocked in the UK to allow for speedy shipping across the nation, and we also provide our entire collection in smaller package sizes to allow smaller boutiques to test the waters and see what sells best without being stuck with a mountain of stock. To keep up with current trends, we update our product listings daily, so be sure to check what's new in our wholesale women's nightwear regularly so you don't miss the latest must-haves. If you can't quite find what you're looking for, why not try our loungewear collection, or get in touch and let us help out!